Blaby Stokes - Questionnaire Results - Your Feedback

Thank you to everyone who sent in their questionnaires. Your opinions are invaluable and we are looking to implement many of the good suggestions to ensure the continued development of the school. The vast majority of responses were in the Agree or Strongly Agree columns. We are delighted to have such positive and constructive feedback and we will review any issues that were identified during the survey. Below is a summary of the overall findings of the questionnaire:

About your child
• 98% feel that their child is happy in school and making good progress.
• 100% say that their child feels safe at school.
• 98% agree that the quality of teaching is good at Blaby Stokes.
• 98% are satisfied with their child's curriculum.
• 96% think their child is fairly treated by staff.
• 99% feel that their child is encouraged by staff to achieve his/her best.
• 98% feel that the school provides interesting and enjoyable activities for children.
• 98% feel that their child is encouraged by staff to become mature and independent.
Ethos and attitude
• 98% feel the school promotes worthwhile attitudes and values.
• 96% believe children are well behaved at school.
• 90% believe that school is effective at dealing with behaviour issues.
• 99% are satisfied with the range of opportunities to discuss their child's progress.
• 96% are comfortable approaching the school with a question or concern.
• 89% feel that the school is good at seeking the views of parents.
• 93% feel the school acts quickly on parents' suggestions and concerns.
• 96% are happy with the overall communications from school to home.
School Leadership
• 96% feel the school is well managed by the Headteacher and the Leadership Team.
• 94% feel the school has an effective Governing Body.
• 78% feel they understand the role of the school governors.
School Provision
• 100% said they felt well supported when their child joined Blaby Stokes.
• 93% feel the school is good at providing extra learning support when required.
• 99% are happy with the provision of school trips.
• 85% are happy with the quality of school lunches.
• 94% are happy with the condition of the school building.
• 97% are happy with the condition of the school grounds.
Blaby Stokes in the Community
• 100% said that Blaby Stokes is a welcoming school.
• 99% feel that Blaby Stokes of overall a happy school.
• 90% feel that the school encourages parents to be involved in its life and work.
• 90% agree that Blaby Stokes provides good access to a range of services and support from a wide range of community organisations.
• 97% feel that Blaby Stokes is highly thought of in the community.
• 96% are happy with Blaby Stokes overall.
• 96% would recommend this school to others.
Further comments about what we do well:
• “Atmosphere, approachable staff, caring, appreciation of cultures.”
• “I believe the school has moved forward and the children’s wellbeing is very much the focus.”
• “It is a well-balanced and maintained school with a good ethos and community feeling. I enjoy visiting the school and have recommended it to others.”
• “The school is very well managed and is a very happy place for children to learn.”
• “Great sports after school clubs where my children have been encouraged to join in and have been praised even though they may not have the best skills or ability.”
• “Fundraising events.”
• “All children support each other.”
• “Any issues have been resolved/dealt with quickly and efficiently.”
• “Sports are much improved.”
• “Security of the children within the school has improved massively.”
• “Good, well-rounded school with super provisions for all levels of ability.”
• “SEN support has been fantastic.”
• “Eco club is brilliant!”
• “All of the teachers that my children have had over the last four years have been kind, caring and professional.”
• “I’m happy with how the children are taught to be independent and well behaved.”
• “Office staff extremely helpful and supportive.”
• “Children are made to feel safe and happy.”
• “Parent assemblies.”
• “It’s a friendly school set in lovely grounds. My children enjoy coming to the school and are helped when struggling with the curriculum.”
• “My child has steadily grown in confidence since being at Stokes and is always happy to go to school.”
• “Having the opportunity to play the recorder.”
• Well disciplined – good behaviour.”
• “The new tyre park has gone down very well.”
• “The text communication is very useful.”
• “Improvements have been made dramatically within the last couple of years and I will enjoy watching the school exceed.”
• “Happy, safe environment for the children. The school promotes independence in the children.”
• “I always feel I can approach teachers with any concerns.”
• “My children have been encouraged to achieve their best.”

Further comments about what we should improve on:
“After school activities, i.e. science clubs – more general activities – breakfast and after school club.”
“Duplication of letters home are unnecessary when there are siblings at the school.”
“I would like the chance to attend more functions, i.e. mother’s / father’s day, Easter presentations / assemblies.”
“More for parents.”
“Parent classes would be brilliant to teach us how to support our children with phonics and numeracy.”
“No real integration for parents, many schools have parents help with reading but I’ve never been asked to help with over stretched classes.”
See attached document for details of how we have addressed these comments
Actions from suggestions made by parents >

What do the children think?
“This is a better school than my old school.”
“I love our school because we don’t just do hard word, they make us do activities as well to do with our work.”
“I love my school because everybody is kind and helpful and Miss Riley makes me more confident and independent.
“In this school I learn lots of facts and maths.”
“I love school because everybody listens.”
“I love my school because my teachers challenge me.”
“I love our school because all the teachers make me feel confident and happy.”
“In this school I really learn more about my work.”
“This is a good school. I’ll never want to leave!”
“Mrs Kallquist and Mr Cheesman do a great great hard work job, because they have lots of decisions to make.”
I feel safe at school because the gates are very strong and the door next to the office can only be opened from the inside.”
“Teachers explain to me how I can achieve more because Miss Clarke always says to move up a challenge if it’s easy.”
“I like school because I feel very safe. I like it in class as well because if I get stuck, the teachers help me.”
“I enjoy school because I like seeing my friends and I like the teachers and I like learning.”
“This school is really good for me and has pushed me a lot since I have moved school and I am getting higher in grades.”
“It has been a good time at this school with great teachers.”

Thank you again for taking the time to complete the questionnaire. As part of our ongoing school development we are looking at incorporating some of the suggestions that you have made for improvement.