Blaby Stokes - A Member of Learn Academies Trust (Learn-AT)

Blaby Stokes is a member of Learn Academies Trust (Learn-AT). 

Learn-AT is a charitable, school-led multi-academy trust (formed in August 2016), specialising in Church of England and community primary academies. Learn-AT is  building a forward-thinking, professional learning community, committed to working together in the service of local children and families and dedicated to the development of excellence in learning, both for our pupils and for the adults who serve and teach them. Whether they are Church of England or community academies, all Learn-AT schools promote an ethos designed to nurture the wellbeing of every child; to allow each child to love learning, to flourish and to be able to enjoy life in its fullness. Learn-AT believes wholeheartedly that flourishing and engaged pupils require and deserve flourishing and engaged adults, able to work on their behalf at the cutting edge of evidence-informed practice. For this reason there is a strong emphasis on the development of high-quality and effective professional learning for Learn-AT staff. Professionals in all aspects of our organisation, teaching and learning, care and well-being, finance and academy business management, collaborate in the pursuit of continuous improvement as they all strive to fulfil Learn-AT's core purpose – learning - and core value – fellowship.

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