About The Governors

You can contact our Governors via office@bsp.learnat.uk or via the school office. 

You can also contact the Chair of Governors directly via chair@bsp.learnat.uk

If you are interested in becoming part of our team please email us or speak to Mrs Rodger.

Emma Palmer - Chair of Governors

Parent Governor
Date appointed: 1 September 2016
Term of office: 31 August 2020
Last 12 month meeting attendance: 5/5

More about Emma: 

I have lived in Blaby for 12 years and have two sons at Blaby Stokes in Years 1 and 3, both of who are thriving at the school. I am passionate about education and believe that schools should not only teach children, but also develop a love of learning in pupils.  As a Governor I hope to contribute to the school’s ability to do this.

I work at the University of Leicester as a lecturer, with skills and experience from my job which are useful as a Governor. I have an insight into broader educational issues and have enjoyed the challenge of developing my understanding of the primary school sector. I also have skills such as data analysis, writing reports for different audiences, preparing funding bids, and experience of quality assurance processes that I hope to put to good use on behalf of the school. Finally, I am enthusiastic and keen to help the school enhance its provision to our pupils.

Kerry Rodger

Executive Headteacher
Last 12 months meeting attendance: 1/5
Term of office: Ex-officio

More about Kerry:

I have been fortunate enough in my 26 year career to have been inspired by some wonderful school leaders and Governors and I have worked in a wide variety of different schools across the educational spectrum. to My role, as Executive Headteacher, will be to oversee the strategic development of the school and to ensure that we offer the very best possible education to the children.

I have a master’s degree in education and the National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH). I have a 19 year old son who has started University this year to study music and I own a dog and two cats. I also sing in a band and play the guitar!

Charlotte Smart

Staff Governor
Date appointed: 08/05/2018 by Staff Election
Term of office: 07/05/2022
Last 12 month meeting attendance: 5/5

More about Charlotte:

I have worked at Blaby Stokes for 12 years and during my time here I have taught across Key Stage 1 holding many different roles and responsibilities. I have a background in Early Years and Phonics and carried out some work with the Local Authority supporting schools to implement their phonics programmes. I am a trained SENCO and held this role at Stokes for 5 years. My current role in school is Early reading and Phonics lead. I now work part time and teach in year one.

Emily Ballard

Staff Governor

Date appointed: 07/10/2016
Term of office: 08/10/2020
Last 12 month meeting attendance: 


More about Emily:

Izzy Reid-MacKay

Support Staff Governor:

Date Appointed: 23/09/2019

Term of Office: 22/09/2023

Last 12 months meeting attendance:


More about Izzy:

Andrew Maxwell

Parent Governor
Date appointed: 21 June 2017 by parental election
Term of office: 20 June 2021
Last 12 month meeting attendance: 5/5

More about Andrew:

I have been a Primary School Headteacher for the past five years having previously been a deputy Headteacher at two schools in Northamptonshire.

I am currently a member of the Board of Education for the Diocese of Leicester, sit on the Executive Committee of Leicestershire Primary Heads and am a member of the Leicestershire and Rutland Sport Headteacher steering group. I also work collaboratively with the Rutland Primary headteachers who feed to Uppingham Community College and have chaired Market Harborough and Kibworth Development Group 15 for the past two years.

I am passionate about creating the very best outcomes for young people and I am keen to support the school moving forward.

Rev. Jane Micklethwaite

Foundation Governor
Date appointed: 1 February 2018 by DBE
Term of office: Ex-officio
Last 12 month meeting attendance: 1/1

More about Jane

I am the Rector of All Saints Parish Church in Blaby and am therefore a Foundation Governor.  I have spent the past 20 years in various roles in Leicestershire and Northamptonshire, including University and also Airport Chaplaincy, as well as parish ministry.  While my children were growing up I was very involved in the local primary schools as a parent, as well as working alongside the schools as a church leader.   

Liam Smith

Foundation Governor

Date appointed: 14/06/2019 by DBE
Term of office: 14/06/2023
Last 12 month meeting attendance: 


More about Liam:

Clair Vaughan

Local Governor

Date appointed: 20/05/2019
Term of office: 20/05/2023
Last 12 month meeting attendance: 


More about Claire:


Tracey Hassell

Local Governor

Date appointed: 25/07/2019
Term of office: 24/07/2023
Last 12 month meeting attendance: 


More about Tracey:

Sue Lawrence

Local Governor

Date appointed: 
Term of office: 
Last 12 month meeting attendance: 


More about Sue:

Denise Birnie

Local Governor

Date appointed: 20/05/2019
Term of office: 20/05/2023
Last 12 month meeting attendance: 


More about Denise:

Committees and Previous Members


Finance: K Rodger, E Palmer, J Micklethwaite
Teaching and Learning: K Rodger, C Smart, E Palmer, A Maxwell
Premises: K Rodger, J Micklethwaite

Declarations of Interest:

Owing to the composition of governing body being drawn from local public and private sector organisations, transactions may take place with organisations in which a governor has an interest. Governors have a legal responsibility to avoid conflict between their business and personal interests and those of the school and to declare any interest. 

Register of interests >

Previous members of Governing Body within the last 12 months:

Lee McKean, Parent Governor, 9 October 2017

Bev Philps, Co-opted Governor, 29 January 2018

Louisa Coleman, Co-opted Governor, 29 January 2018

Olive Hilier, Local Governor, 1 September 2018

Steve Jones, Local Governor, 1 September 2018

Steve Roddy, Foundation Governor

Zoe Warner, Local Governor